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TRAVEL ADVISORY: Our response to “Obey the laws, and wear the gauze. Protect your jaws from septic paws.” COVID-19

PAN Covid Policy

PAN Covid Policy

Every day, PAN is committed to keeping its customers, clients, and employees safe. As a part of our commitment, PAN continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 crisis to maintain safe facility operations. We want everyone to know the things we’re doing to combat COVID-19’s impact on our activities.

Driven by our concern for the safety and wellbeing of those who access our facilities, we have in place pandemic preparedness protocols and procedures that incorporate CDC and WHO guidelines and communications. Among other things:

Fortunately, because we have an abundant, committed workforce, we’ve been able to undertake these items without unnecessarily restricting any of the services we offer.

No doubt the COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented and full of challenges. Accordingly, we have created an internal task force to address changing circumstances, as well as any specific inquiries or requests from our customers, clients and employees, as quickly and prudently as possible. We will, of course, also update our general public communications as appropriate.






Do not hesitate to contact PAN if you come across or are solicited for such actions.


For any questions, please contact